Thursday, May 19, 2011

white iphone 4 verizon release date

white iphone 4 verizon release date. White iPhone 4 is coming,
  • White iPhone 4 is coming,

  • ergle2
    Sep 15, 09:24 PM
    I believe the new macbook pro merom's will be .1-.3 inches thicker, and POSSIBLY incorporate a new blu-ray DVD burner, 160GB HD, ATI X1800 Graphics card, and improved display to 1920X1200 for 17". I believe this to be true based on the information gathered from brenthaven's website, showing the 12/15 pro case that is out of stock is 1/4" thicker in the space needed to hold the macbook. The only reason for this is if they know "something" we don't...such as a thicker machine. Also, they are coming out around the 26th-30th. Maybe? what do you guys think?

    I can't see Blu-Ray at all.

    If it were, I'd figure it'd be an option due to the cost of the drives. Sony offer a laptop in with and without forms and the "with" model costs an extra $1700... but right now I just don't think there's demand.

    Based on that, it doesn't seem likely to me.

    Then again, I can't see them making the case any thicker than the last-gen PowerBooks, either.

    We'll find out soon enough.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. White iPhone 4 Unlocked $599
  • White iPhone 4 Unlocked $599

  • LoganT
    Mar 26, 10:23 PM
    Apple will do a point release to support all the new hardware features of the iPhone 5. Like they did with the Verizon iPhone.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. Was this White iPhone 4
  • Was this White iPhone 4

  • X2468
    Mar 30, 10:30 PM
    Lion is ready to Roar (almost)
    Don't hold your breath, it's neutered & softened courtesy of iOS, there'll be no roaring.

    Perhaps there will be modified fart app that sounds like a fake roar.

    The simple minded will love it, no thinking required.

    The tech enthusiasts, not so much.


    white iphone 4 verizon release date. iphone 5 verizon release date.
  • iphone 5 verizon release date.

  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 03:17 PM
    Android phone owners are iPod owners (at least most are)

    Apple's not selling it's 9/10M iPods a quarter to iPhone owners.

    Apple gets your money anyway. Why not just buy an iphone and combine purchases?

    Free phones are great but not when you buy a 200 dollar iPod anyway.

    Buy a 200 dollar iphone and call it a day.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. The Verizon iPhone 4G Release
  • The Verizon iPhone 4G Release

  • mabaker
    Apr 25, 09:02 AM
    Google servers are receiving every single bit of tracking info. Apple’s servers don’t. As easy. Let’s not forget this big picture here.

    Besides if you encrypt your backup, nothing can happen. Thank you, have a good day.

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  • Would you want a white iPhone?

  • ewanr
    Apr 25, 09:21 AM
    I get that Apple isn't tracking anyone.. and all mobile phone records are available to law enforcement via warrant, etc.

    However, this data is too easily accessible to a spouse who has access to the computer used as the backup machine. I could see situations where a jealous spouse, or controlling dhead husband wants to monitor where their spouse has been, or is going..

    I think this is a huge problem and needs to be addressed. It's just too easy for this to be abused. Please Apple, encrypt the db and trim it.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. Verizon iPhone 4 gets a
  • Verizon iPhone 4 gets a

  • theosib
    Apr 21, 04:19 PM
    That comment about two-drive sleds makes me nervous. Apple seems to sometimes sacrifice function for form. Hense the tendency for the smaller notebooks to get REALLY HOT. This is a problem for gamers, because most 3G games just use 100% CPU all of the time, and some Macs (mine for instance) have been known to develop faults as a result of prolongued exposure to heat.

    So, here they're going to pack the hard drives in more tightly? Fine for SSDs, but mechanical hard drives are unreliable beasts. Packing them closer is just going to make it harder to cool them properly. And in fact, it appears that most PC makers (Apple is no exception) pay very little attention to hard drive cooling. Why do you think there were so many Time Capsule failures? Apple III all over again. No fans, no airflow, component failure.

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  • verizon release date is

  • tny
    Nov 26, 10:25 PM
    Seriously, does anyone here even hear about tablet PCs anymore? Nope.
    What happened with Microsoft Origami? Nothing.

    This is an iSight shot from the front page of today's CompUSA flyer. The Sony VAIO UX Micro PC with Windows XP Professional is brand new, and an "origami" device.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. White iPhone 4 models will be
  • White iPhone 4 models will be

  • iStudentUK
    Apr 11, 02:52 AM
    I appreciate that it's confusing upon first glance, but the answer simply cannot and should not be 2. If this were the case, math would be an ambiguous study.

    It might become more apparent with the equation:

    Surely we should not interpret everything following the first division symbol as belonging in the denominator, including an additional fraction. As Wolfram Alpha interpreted, I intended for my equation to be read as:

    Thank you!

    Division should be written as a fraction "_" or ( ... )^-1. Nobody with maths skills beyond that of a ten year old should be using "/". This question is using this notation only because MR forums aren't good for writing equations. We must think of this in our heads as being a fraction, and ask how it would be written, and your's makes the most sense.

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  • Jailbreak Apple White iPhone 4

  • mrdice87
    Sep 16, 10:47 AM

    Why is there no 12" mbp? It seems the 12" pb was a great seller...

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. iphone 4 white release date
  • iphone 4 white release date

  • wovel
    Apr 7, 12:13 PM
    Apple is extremely proactive. Which means they have a plan in place. When competition does something good that fits with their plans, then Apple can add it as a line item to their existing plans and assign it to a specific iOS release.

    The competition on the other hand is defining their plans and goals completely based on what Apple does or what Apple's critics are saying. They do not have a very long-term vision of where they want to be and are by-and-large reactionary to what Apple is doing.

    I will say that Google does indeed have a long-term vision, but not for Android's features. Google's long-term vision is to do anything they can to ensure they sit in between the user and the information on the Internet so they can advertise to them. They see Facebook as a major threat in this regard as well as Apple. Google's long-term plans are being disrupted by these other major players. Android/Honeycomb is a reactionary attempt to correct for some of that.

    Good to see some people get it. It is weird how so many people here that think things like the Tab,Xoom, and Playbook will inspire Apple to keep improving. I am not sure how companies that are releasing products that will all be ranked by independent reviewers as similar or inferior to the iPad 1 will inspire Apple to do anything. They can't even inspire consumers to buy them.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. The iPhone 4 has already been
  • The iPhone 4 has already been

  • itcheroni
    Apr 19, 11:36 AM
    That's like saying that I need to read the whole Bible instead of you just telling me why you're a believer.

    That's all we're asking. Just tell us why you believe something to be true.

    If you inspire us enough, maybe we'll crack open that Bible.

    A better analogy would be a scientist trying to explain to a Christian scientist why evolution makes more sense than a strict interpretation of the Bible. Or Galileo (was it him?) trying to convince people that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

    By the way, speaking of being convinced, I looked back on some of my posts from 2008 and can't believe the crazy things I believed back then. Nobody took my aside and explained things to me. I went and found sources on my own. I don't know how to explain a lot of different concepts that hinges on each other that will be utterly convincing in 100-200 words. It took me a few years to unlearn all the crap I learned in economics classes in college. I can't do the same for you in a few minutes.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. white iphone 4 release date
  • white iphone 4 release date

  • SPUY767
    Aug 7, 04:34 PM
    I absolutely cannot believe airport and bluetooth are still options on the Pros. They are standard on EVERY other model. What the hell, Apple?

    A lot of these will be in a work environment where wireless networking would be a hinderance more than a help. If anything, they should bundle it with the same price and subtract 49$ if you take it off of BTO.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. White iPhone 4 Verizon Release
  • White iPhone 4 Verizon Release

  • realitymonkey
    Mar 31, 08:14 AM

    Ah yes can we have a decent source please not that ridiculous piece of ill conceived drivel that is the Daily Mail.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. Verizon White iPhone 4 on Sale
  • Verizon White iPhone 4 on Sale

  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 02:28 PM
    Nothing wrong with a Scion there, buddy. ;)

    HA ha! Guess what my first new car was (when i turned 17) 05' Scion TC.

    The thing was underpowered, not great fuel econ, a fuel injection sensor went bad at 30k miles, the window motors got really slow quickly, the dash looked like Kabul after a while, and of course as soon as i bought did everyone else. It was a happy happy day when I got a used SAAB:) Sorry for the rant...SCIONS are just crappy cars...but i guess you get what you pay for :p

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. verizon white iphone 4 release
  • verizon white iphone 4 release

  • jav6454
    Mar 29, 01:37 PM
    iPods are about to go into a bottleneck, now imagine the already bottlenecked iPad.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. not a white iPhone4 that
  • not a white iPhone4 that

  • ptysell
    Apr 7, 11:08 AM
    Actually, this is more of a situation of a monopsony in play where there are multiple sellers of various components but only a single buyer. This, in turn, locks out other buyers from being able to leverage price efficiencies and limits the competition from achieving an upper hand price wise.

    Nothing is stopping RIM from paying MORE than Apple to secure supply for their product.

    Its simple supply and demand.

    There is a limited supply and massive demand.
    What does that do to price?

    The simple fact of the matter is that Apple is willing to shell out the cash to get what they need to fill the demand of their customers.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. The new white iPhone 4 will be
  • The new white iPhone 4 will be

  • Becordial
    May 7, 11:13 AM
    Making it free would be a smart move by Apple. It would help bond iphone users more effectively to Apple ecosystem.

    At the moment, I don't use the MobileMe service (though I'd like to have findmyphone and perhaps back to my mac services) but if I had it free, it would be a thing that would make it less likely that I would switch to RIM/WIN7 or Android.

    Does anyone know if the Windows version of this similar service bundle is free?

    EDIT: From MS

    # How much does the My Phone service cost? It's free! Except for a few optional services, Microsoft does not charge for use of Microsoft My Phone. However, your mobile operator may charge for data usage so please ensure that you have an appropriate data plan. If you are unsure of your data plan coverage, contact your mobile operator.

    white iphone 4 verizon release date. Apple#39;s iPhone 4 is without a
  • Apple#39;s iPhone 4 is without a

  • cybermat
    May 7, 06:31 PM
    I hope free doesn't mean linking it up to their iAd service and pushing ads.

    Sep 10, 10:55 PM (

    Apple is hosting ( a media event on Tuesday, September 12th 2006 in San Francisco, CA at 10AM Pacific. The event will also be simulcast to a location in London ( where journalists have also been invited.

    The invitation to the media was entitled It's Showtime ( -- suggesting Movie-related announcements. Rumors sites had originally expected ( iMac updates during the event, but Apple surprised everyone with iMac ( and Mac mini updates ( last week.

    This leaves iPods (, a Movie Store ( and the possibility of a new streaming Media device ( for the Tuesday event.

    As usual, a number of anonymous images have been circulating claiming to represent upcoming products, but these are all considered to be fake. Other circumstantial evidence ( has been reported, but no definitive information on the event.

    As always, MacRumors will provide continuing coverage, however, access to these events have become more restricted, so please contact us ( Coverage) if you are attending.

    Mar 28, 10:34 AM
    Not cool. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, I seriously don't want to wait.

    I'm still on the 3G! I really can't wait for the new iPhone! My contract is up in July.

    Apr 11, 07:27 AM
    Only for those with a lack of understanding of basic math. Again, the problem is not the equation per say, it's the people that don't understand mathematics.

    Nobody uses / when writing down by hand (they do when programming on a computer- fine), or at least they shouldn't. It doesn't matter if / has a strict definition if it is not strictly enforced. I did a chemistry degree, and that obviously involves maths. Yet, if someone had emailed by an equation like this I would have asked for clarification, because I know they are thinking in terms of two lines (using ______).

    I'd say it is an assumption to presume that / literally means / in this case. The most likely scenario is it is only being used because this is a forum, in writing (or in proper software like LaTex) it would be written on two lines. The most logical answer is 288; however, I can't say what the original author intended.

    Hum, no it's not. Where did you this "clarity" from ? / is the division sign. Even if it is a fraction sign, 48/2 is the obvious fraction. Anything else requires assumptions and interpretations which have no room in mathematics.

    It's a joke. The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Note the username is Don't Panic.

    What do you get if you times 6 by 9?

    Apr 26, 04:05 PM
    Competition is good , however with that being said. It's any one's game from month to month depending on how well the o.s. is developed & how often an update comes out. I'm sure apple has a lot up it's sleeve and I'm not just saying that because I own the iPhone 4. I also own a G-2 from Google.

    Apr 5, 01:04 PM
    Kind of weird, Apple should not be meddling in that stuff. Way way too domineering.

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