Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 25, 02:43 PM
    For those wanting retina displays:
    No modern GPU can display anything past 2560x1600 on a single screen.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 22, 08:26 PM
    Thunderbolt is not a supplement to DisplayPort. It is a downgrade to DisplayPort.

    I'd disagree based on the last demo by intel.

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  • lazyrighteye
    Sep 1, 08:39 AM
    I was all set to buy one of the New Archos PVP's.... They are pretty sweet.

    But knowing my previous buying luck, I'd buy it, then Apple would release the new vPod and movie store.

    If what you write is true, would you mind buying that Archos PVP?
    I sure would like a new iPod video...

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  • Caitlyn
    Aug 31, 11:56 AM
    New Apple Cinema Displays with glossy screens and iSights would be amazing. :)

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  • Josias
    Sep 5, 01:46 PM
    Extreme! I really hope for hi-quality movies, and not just 640x480. A new line-up would be nice too. :D

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  • Chopper9
    Oct 12, 05:28 PM
    Why do they always use the smaller sized iPods for the special editions?

    I wanted the U2 iPod, but it was not the 60 gig.

    I would like a red iPod, but want the 8 gig!


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  • gugy
    Sep 19, 03:13 PM
    Neither -- My download on my 4MB cable connection (real speed) took about 50 minutes AND the quality was outstanding on my 30" cinema display -- looked the same as DVD to me. No defects, no artifacts. Crisp Color.

    I will order again. Way nicer than storing DVD's.

    Good to know.
    I am still skeptical. I rather by a DVD and use handbrake to have it on my itunes. But I think is great to know that the movie store is there if you want it soon without the hassle of ripping from DVDs into itunes.

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  • pengu
    Sep 17, 11:51 PM
    Then why do you hate CDMA so much? There are ways of unlocking CDMA phones and using them on other networks.

    And the reason why I talked about international roaming rates was because you said in a nutshell that we couldn't bring our phone to another country.

    There are ways of walking on the moon. Doesnt mean its particularly consumer-friendly.

    I brought up using a phone internationally because of the technical compatibility of using GSM over CDMA. price is irrelevant. the fact that "some cdma phones are gsm compatible" is proof that CDMA has very limited use worldwide.

    so basically. IF your CDMA carrier has a phone that you like AND is GSM compatible, you can take it and roam.

    or. you can accept that while it may be technically superior (i said MAY. speed isnt everything) CDMA is a very tiny pocket of the mobile market.

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  • motulist
    Apr 25, 03:30 PM
    Good. The unibody design was never great, it was just so-so. The AlBook powerbook that preceded it had a MUCH better design.

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  • cube
    Mar 30, 01:31 PM
    Notice how its 1 word. "RoomStore". Room Store wouldn't fly. Its the little things

    When would "Room Store" not fly? For a hotel?

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  • peharri
    Sep 18, 09:00 AM
    You are right. I make a call. i expect to pay for it. i dont expect the person im calling to get billed for the damn call.

    The other way of looking at it is that the mobile user has made a technology choice. They shouldn't expect other people to pay for their technology choice. A system where each person pays to connect to the network and decides how they want to pay for that is inherently fairer, even if it makes it harder for people to choose to subsidize the systems of others.

    (Remember too that in the majority of cases, most US users have a fixed bill because of the high number of bundled minutes coupled with the huge unmetered portions of their bills. It's not the case that we get billed for the incoming call in the majority of cases. If it's made at peak time, from a different network, then yeah, we'll use bundled minutes, but most of us end up with large amounts of bundled minutes free at the end of the month despite this. And you never have to accept an incoming call.)

    and. as for pricing. yes, vodafone have a 1c/sec flat rate on calls. but. i pay $79/month and at the end of the my account has a automatic refund (of sorts) applied, so anything up to $500 in calls/txt/etc is included in the $79.

    That doesn't sound like a bad plan, that's unusually good outside of the US from what I've researched, though most of my research has been limited to the UK.

    i DO use my mobile for most calls. i use my landline maybe once a week, because it has a better speakerphone if im using it for a long time.

    If I were back in Britain, I couldn't substitute a cellphone for a landline because of the incoming calls issue. It's simply not fair to my family or friends to make them pay through the nose to contact me. I might use one for the bulk of my outgoing calls, but for incoming calls, it wouldn't be right.

    An ideal compromise, in my view, would be for the operators to provide two numbers on every phone, a caller pays and a mobile party pays (with the latter being treated as ordinary airtime, or unmetered according to a fixed monthly charge), but alas I don't think the operators would ever do something that could potentially undermine their interconnect revenues like that.

    Neither solution is perfect. The US seems better at the moment because of the emphasis on unmetered usage. At least unmetered incoming calls are an option here. But the downside is the lack of a practical PAYG system.

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  • CHSeifert
    Mar 29, 11:16 AM
    I think this could very well be true.

    The new Windows OS is surprisingly well thought out and have a lot of the features I miss in my standard iPhone 4 iOS - and only have because of Jailbreak :)

    I could very well see myself buying a windows based Nokia - if they get the interior in harmony with the exterior - I still think iPhone 4 is the best looking phone I've ever owned - but still think it lacks some basic features in the iOS - like a Lock screen with calendar and weather info, basic features like changing the mail alert tone and being able to use the outer buttons as dual buttons for a shutter button on the volume button for instance (which a camera app did have, but Apple thought their consumers were too stupid and confused to have dual function buttons, so they excluded this app from appstore until they removed the function)

    All the features I miss on my iPhone are very basic features, which could easily be fixed with a tiny small software update - since these features don't seem to come on the iPhone, I could see myself getting a HTC with Windows OS maybe in a HTC Desire DeLuxe chassis :)

    What really keeps me true to the iPhone is all the apps :)

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  • manosaurus
    Oct 12, 12:57 PM
    My gues is that all these whiners would not even notice if you snuck in at night and swapped out ther procesor for a C2D chip. They'd just wake up the next moring fire up the computer and never even notice.

    It's like those audiophiles who argue endlessly about if gold plated or silver plated speaker wire sounds better.

    Oh... Core 2 Duo gold and silver plated speaker wire tomoorow too!

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  • suzerain
    Sep 16, 01:44 PM
    Well, here's what I'm hoping for. (Crazy, I know, but I think there's a chance, because Apple's a computer company, and they seem to approach everything with the computer as the center of everything.)

    I want a GSM phone with VoIP capabilities, so it will work with either Vonage or Skype. That way, I can pay way less money...

    (Obviously, it has to have bluetooth and sync-ability, but I don't undersstand why people here even consider that optional...Apple created iSync, after all.)

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  • batitombo
    Mar 22, 09:18 PM
    Heh, and I just got a new MBP :/

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 25, 01:36 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.


    Yes because they forked out all that money for ONLY the Thunderbolt port for higher transfer speeds.

    Not for a faster, better high-end machine. :rolleyes:

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  • milo
    Sep 5, 03:20 PM
    If I am forced to watch ANY commercials on the iTunes movie downloads, then I'll never use it, ever. Bad enough I spend $10 to go to a theater to have the same mazda zoom zoom zoom/coke and a smile crap every time.

    Why would they do commercials? Commercials only make sense if they give you content for free. Has anyone done home viewing of movies for a fee and still included commercials (other than movie trailers)?

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  • dmunz
    Apr 20, 10:57 AM
    strange, I'm currently in Las Vegas according to this app, I've never been to LV in my life. It does however accurately give a tracking of my phone at home in the UK and my trip to East Coast of USA last year.

    Actually this could be just as bad. Imagine a issue comes up and you need to prove that you were (or were not) somewhere and your phone conflicts with the facts. The government now has data that you need to clarify or explain.


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  • bassfingers
    Apr 17, 01:06 AM
    why would I want to pay someone $17 an hour to a job a monkey is almost qualified to do? Sounds like an opportunity to hire less people, or jack my prices up. A job is worth simply what a job is worth. Period. If I'm trying to offer services at competitive prices, and someone is willing to bag groceries for $3 an hour, then they should be ALLOWED to. Rather than me just choose to hire nobody and using automated checkouts.

    What happens then? More people find jobs, and prices go down. $3 dollars suddenly buys you a subway sandwich. # of consumers goes up bc more people are employed, which brings in more revenue, causes more hiring etc.

    Also, people who do want to make $10 bucks an hour are forced to either be productive or learn something useful, which is good for everyone, plus that $10 is worth more now bc of deflation. Deflation would also drive interest rates on loans down bc the money you pay back is worth more.

    Best case scenario, taxes are low at this point, and the government isn't a handout machine, so people feel the need to donate to an EFFICIENT charity. Rather than to the government, which is the most inefficient entity on the planet.

    Overall result: More buying power, lower unemployment, more substantial and efficient charity, more innovation.

    OR we can take away every incentive to be productive (France) and have a GDP smaller than the interest payments on the national debt (France in 2020)

    I'd say since the high point of post WWII, we as a society in the U.S. have done our best to eradicate The New Deal and move back to reaching for magnificant wealth while screwing each other over.?

    really? we've been getting LESS progressive since the new deal? I was under the impression that our government is GIGANTIC and tries to babysit us at every turn while simultaneously urinating on the constitution

    No kidding right?

    My buddy and I went boarding 2 days ago and he dislocated his finger (looked bad as it was all bent funny)

    Anyways, took him to the clinic and was charged 1300 bucks to put it back into place and he doesnt have health insurance

    Heaven forbid one needs surgery or broke a leg or anything more than dislocating a finger....would need a few million stashed away

    Or perhaps a steady job mingled in with some tort reform, or a private charity willing to foot the bill if he were unemployed.

    However, I don't know if boarding is the best option when you're unemployed

    The more paranoid might suggest that oil companies are collaborating with auto makers and the government to keep efficiency as low as they can get away with. Remember, the record for fuel economy was set in the mid 70s in a slightly modified Opel: something like 237 miles on a gallon (US) of gasoline. Highly idealized conditions no doubt, but my goodness, the average automobile today should be at least a third of the way there.

    US government regulations for increasing gas efficiency has resulted in car companies making vehicles lighter at rate beyond evolving the technology to maintain safety, which has resulted in an average of 10,000 avoidable deaths per year since the early 70's

    But hey, maybe that fraction of environmental impact we have that's causing that fraction of a global degree change might have been marginally altered. Maybe. And it's only cost us ~300,000 lives so far. Thank you government! Just tack that onto the millions you killed by restricting DDT use, and you can further brag about your death toll

    What is this supposed to show? That US corporations are more profitable? Is that a good thing? For whom?

    Stock owners in these companies. Which are made up of middle class citizens

    Ridiculous? Not quite, from the parent's perspective.

    In Canada we have 12 months maternity leave, which can be taken by either spouse, or split, 6 months/6 months.

    Yeah man, one of my biggest incentives to put my money on the line and open a small business is that I have the opportunity to pay someone to not work for a year.

    Or maybe in that transaction I'll get to use the government as a middle man via taxes, and I'll end up spending %30 more in order to maintain its inefficiency

    Aug 28, 02:25 PM
    from what ive read the difference between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo isnt much
    its not like P4 and Core 2 Duo

    the Core 2 Duo are -10-15% faster at the same clock speed but use more power At the same clock speed they use about the same amount of power but have improved performance AND they support x86-64, have much improved SIMD hardware (bringing SSE much closer to AltiVec in terms of performance per clock) and double the L2 cache. All around this is a better CPU.

    ...however for them to truly shine you will want to pair them with Intel's new mobile chipset that should be out early next year (if not sooner).

    Mar 29, 03:21 PM
    UHM... iOS is far more open-source than windows is. Nice try... Android might be more open-source though, I'm not sure.

    What exactly is your definition of "open source" anyway? There aren't really degrees of being open source. Something is either open source or it isn't. The code for iOS is not open source and so isn't any more or less open than Windows.

    Some of the components that ship with iOS are open source (Webkit being the most notable and the one that gets the most press.) But make no mistake: iOS is not open source. At all.

    That's not to make a qualitative judgment about iOS versus any other mobile OS, BTW. This annoying marketing crap coming from Google and others lately that push the notion of open source somehow being inherently a better way to go for anything is irritating. There's no need to defend iOS for being closed. Not everyone thinks that's a dirty word. It's a better mobile OS than any of the open source alternatives and there's no reason to be shy about it being proprietary. It is what it is.

    Apr 4, 12:48 PM
    OMG.. I'm with Felt. "Security Guards" shouldn't carry guns, and if they do there should be training and good sense that goes into using it. Shooting the suspects in the head is criminal.

    I am sure if he pulled off a head shot he has had all the training he could need... now counseling that is another issue.

    But the way I see it is this, they went out to commit crime, they were armed. Therefore if it all went tits up they are not only guilty of the crime but they are also guilty of failing to plan and execute the crime in a reasonable manner.

    Fail on all counts, inept criminals and now dead criminals, is this any real loss to society I think not.

    Don't get me wrong I am a fairly liberal minded guy, but I do feel that if you go equipped to kill and the outcome is that you die, the law has been served in this case.

    Now if only all criminals who went out with the tools to commit murder or even aggravated manslaughter could just as easily be put down with a head shot then the world may just become a better place.

    Mar 23, 06:39 PM
    ......Checkpoints should be illegal anyway. .... Corruption is everywhere, people. I dislike most people that where the badge. Yeah, I'm prejudice in the same way that they are prejudice towards most citizens.

    The servants have become the masters. People are so fearful, fat and happy that they'd rather not do anything about it. We fight ( the de facto state in court on a regular basis. Most of the cases get thrown out for lack of jurisdiction, or as they say "jurisdictional economy" (it gets too expensive to fight us). It's all just a money thing. They don't care.

    What a joke.

    Apr 4, 12:00 PM
    Non issue. Just avoid robbing a store.

    Sent from my iPhone


    If someone wants to commit a crime. Then I think there rights should be gone. If they don't want to get shot or arrested, then act like a normal person.

    Simple as that.

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