Thursday, May 19, 2011

kate and william wedding pictures

kate and william wedding pictures. kate middleton prince william
  • kate middleton prince william

  • appleguy123
    May 4, 08:38 PM
    It's all good, I guess. I don't think I would have ever understood the mechanics of this game anyway.
    If we keep playing this format, I don't think it should go under the WW moniker because I don't see any similarities at all, and would like to play WW games while (and if) this format goes on in the future.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate and william wedding
  • kate and william wedding

  • BRLawyer
    Nov 28, 04:31 PM
    How do you define a REAL tablet?

    A thing the size of a notebook, with an open screen for handwriting...not just like a PDA or vPod.

    kate and william wedding pictures. “Kate will want to look drop
  • “Kate will want to look drop

  • Prof.
    Apr 20, 08:18 AM
    Not gonna lie, I got my hopes up thinking the iP5 would be 4G compatible. Since it's obviously not going to be 4G, I guess I'll get a 4G droid so i can be locked into Unlimited 4G with verizon.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate middleton prince william
  • kate middleton prince william

  • bboucher790
    Apr 25, 10:29 AM
    You're tracking us wrong.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate and william wedding
  • kate and william wedding

  • alphaod
    Apr 26, 02:41 PM
    I zillion Android devices and only threee current iOS devices. Not surprising.

    And does this chart account for folks that have a phone on each platform? :p

    kate and william wedding pictures. prince william wedding date
  • prince william wedding date

  • pink-pony115
    Aug 12, 10:44 AM
    I'm not holding my breath.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate middleton william wedding
  • kate middleton william wedding

  • kirk26
    Apr 20, 06:07 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    Not sure if serious. We pretty much knew it wouldn't be a summer update.

    kate and william wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • ticman
    Nov 21, 01:14 PM
    I can't believe your BlueAnt is working for you. Yes my phone is a 3Gs. I had other replies to an earlier post that indicated that Apple did not allow some of the BT technology to work on their phone.

    I will try and "pair" again to iPhone and see if it works. I agree with you re hitting a button on the visor.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate and william wedding date
  • kate and william wedding date

  • jonharris200
    Aug 7, 03:30 PM
    on the Macrumors live feed Steve said new announcements coming in the week or next week. Any comments?
    Yeah, at 10.24am on the MRL feed, though it was slightly ambiguous. Engadget also picked up on this but gave more detail - it's new universal applications that are being announced this week:

    10:24AM - "We had a sixth major release that we don't get much credit for. Tiger on Intel. Porting an OS is is no easy task. And our software team did a great job. They made it look really easy which has enabled this amazing transition. 86 million lines of source code that was ported to run on an entirely new architecture with zero hiccups. Along the way, we created a way to run universal applications that run on PowerPC and Intel. I'm pleased to report that there are more than 3,000 universal applications and we at Apple would like to say, thank you, thank you guys. "You guys have done a phenomenal job and there are a lot more being announced at the developer conference this week."

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  • Royal Wedding Invitations

  • George Knighton
    Nov 2, 08:51 PM
    well I installed this on both of my MacBook Airs, One is my Wife's. It found 0 on mine, but found 4 trojans on my wife's, all associated with Java. It pointed them out to me and when I found the file it pointed out, the software deleted the file for me. Not bad for free. Thanks Sophos, didn't know those were there.
    Java is what I've been afraid of. I might give this a try.

    kate and william wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate.
  • Prince William and Kate.

  • axonic labs
    May 6, 01:11 AM
    Oh Charlie, you so silly.

    Charlie is still trying to bring nVidia down. Apple won't switch to a slower CPU.

    kate and william wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • Sedrick
    Mar 27, 10:42 AM
    There is just so many things wrong with storing all your own music in 'the cloud' that it boggles me there's still fools who think it's a great idea.

    Enjoy paying larger data fees to access your own damn music while drinking that Kool-aid. Everyone involved in this scam (but you) will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    This is clearly an answer to a question no one asked.

    kate and william wedding pictures. Kate Middleton Prince William
  • Kate Middleton Prince William

  • MonkeySee....
    Nov 11, 09:31 AM
    As a business point of view, a company will need to have some sort of AV installed as part of company policies weather its needed or not.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate william wedding. kate
  • kate william wedding. kate

  • Applejuiced
    Mar 26, 11:33 PM
    I'm not sure.. I do think the iPhone 5 SHOULD be delayed a few months on their part as the iPhone 4 is still selling like crazy and they have not tapped out that market.

    You're right about sales and its still very popular but to keep up with the competition they need to release one every year and maybe even sooner if they can IMO.
    Android and win mobile come out with new phones every few months and lots of better hardware and other stuff trying to take away from the iphone.
    They're flooding the market with cheaper and more powerfull smartphones, the longer Apple takes the more marketshare they will lose.

    kate and william wedding pictures. William and Kate Wedding
  • William and Kate Wedding

  • ravenvii
    May 3, 09:53 PM
    You guys responded to Ravenvii saying that Traps and monsters don't harm the villain, but in the OP, in the Q&A's, you wrote:

    - can the villain/monster fall into the traps?

    Villain (a stupid one): yes, Monsters: No (since they don't move).

    Was that just being funny, or is it a conflicting rule?


    Oops. Fixed. (The first answer is correct; fixed the second answer).

    Not according to the OP he didn't. In the example the hero had one AP and the monster had one AP. Solomon how did the hero win?

    I'm not understanding, what example are you speaking of?

    Also where the hell is this lair???

    That's what you're supposed to find. Therein awaits the Artifact, and most likely the Villain.

    kate and william wedding pictures. prince william kate middleton
  • prince william kate middleton

  • peharri
    Nov 26, 08:41 PM
    November 23, 2006 CNN
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Cell phone owners will be allowed to break software locks on their handsets in order to use them with competing carriers under new copyright rules announced Wednesday.

    Given the above news, NO cellphone company may soon be subsidizing ANY phones.

    All it says is that cellphone owners can break the locks. It doesn't say cellphone operators have to help them. It also refers to specific instances where the software itself has to be modified to unlock a phone. It is already legal, because it's not a copyright violation, to unlock, for example, Nokia phones, whose locking code is actually algorithmically generated and therefore requires no copyright violation to use.

    Truth is, most countries have no laws against breaking SP locks, and many countries, notably most in Europe, have laws forcing operators to unlock phones on demand. And yet most countries still have operators that sell subsidized phones in exchange for contracts. SP locks are there not so much because the phone is subsidized so much as to help enforce the contract, and reduce churn by making it more expensive to switch carrier.

    So no, this change will make no difference as far as subsidized handsets go.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate middleton and william
  • kate middleton and william

  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:37 PM
    I wasn't aware that other countries looked down on products manufactured here, that's a shame.

    Most don't, but for the average Whereverian, two questions spring to mind when seeing a US flag on the side of the box:

    1) shouldn't I really be buying stuff made right here in Wherever?
    2) Alright, so the case was screwed together in the US, but isn't this still just Chinese engineering at its finest[1]?

    At least Apple, with their 'Designed in California' motto, are being honest.

    [1] Case in point, since someone already mentioned them, Chrysler. Their chassis were largely warmed over obsolete MB tech. Half their 'made in the US' line isn't. And, like just about everyone else in the industry, the lion's share of components in those cars came from global supply lines. It's remarkable given how much Chrysler had to do with things that they could still f-ck it up. :(

    kate and william wedding pictures. prince william wedding ring.
  • prince william wedding ring.

  • ctdonath
    Mar 29, 10:53 AM
    not really true. it depends on what kind of storage options they are currently running, there are many devices and programs out there that eliminate this kind of redundancy and odds are amazon is using them right now.

    Technically, yes.
    Legally, no.

    There have been assorted lawsuits which ruled if you're going to "buffer" data for a consumer, you have to keep a copy for each customer - no "well, these people are storing the same thing so let's just store one copy". Stupid, but true. Amazon's way around this was obviously to make arrangements with publishers (or to have some creative lawyers leveraging a particular position) allowing the seller to keep one copy and give customers access to that one.

    Upshot: buy it from Amazon, they use one copy and tout "free storage"; upload it to Amazon's storage, they have to store that copy independent of any other duplicates.

    kate and william wedding pictures. kate and william royal wedding
  • kate and william royal wedding

  • SiMBa37
    Mar 28, 11:27 AM
    AppleInsider makes a good point. The report is that the iPhone 5 will be released in the first half of fiscal year 2012 which starts in late September 2011. This will do 2 things: allow iPhone 5 to ship with iOS 5, and allow Apple to cash in on the Holiday season starting this coming September/October. This is just my own prediction.

    I'm in the 3GS camp too, so I won't lie and say I'm happy about this.

    Apr 7, 12:13 PM
    Apple is extremely proactive. Which means they have a plan in place. When competition does something good that fits with their plans, then Apple can add it as a line item to their existing plans and assign it to a specific iOS release.

    The competition on the other hand is defining their plans and goals completely based on what Apple does or what Apple's critics are saying. They do not have a very long-term vision of where they want to be and are by-and-large reactionary to what Apple is doing.

    I will say that Google does indeed have a long-term vision, but not for Android's features. Google's long-term vision is to do anything they can to ensure they sit in between the user and the information on the Internet so they can advertise to them. They see Facebook as a major threat in this regard as well as Apple. Google's long-term plans are being disrupted by these other major players. Android/Honeycomb is a reactionary attempt to correct for some of that.

    Good to see some people get it. It is weird how so many people here that think things like the Tab,Xoom, and Playbook will inspire Apple to keep improving. I am not sure how companies that are releasing products that will all be ranked by independent reviewers as similar or inferior to the iPad 1 will inspire Apple to do anything. They can't even inspire consumers to buy them.

    Nov 25, 10:30 AM
    I know LG makes an MP3 player.. when I said Apple has about as much of a chance entering the cell phone market as LG has entering the MP3 market, what I was referring to is POPULARITY and MARKET SHARE.

    When I said Apple doesn't have a history of 'working well with others', I was referring to other companies.

    You don't just wake up one day and start selling phones.. there are a whole lot of other companies involved.. most importantly, a cell phone service provider. One who is willing to pay Apples per unit price and give the phone away for next to nothing in exchange for an end customer contract.

    That's how the majority of cell phones are sold.. not walking into target and plunking down $250 and it's yours.. but signing a contract for a year or more and getting the phone at a significantly reduced rate, or even 'free'.

    In order to be successful in the cell phone market, you need to have more than one cell service provider on board, willing to push your phones, and you have to do it at a price point thats comfortable for both the manufacturer of the phone, and the guy selling the phone.

    Then in order to do that, you have to offer that particular provider something special.. like a special model available only at that particular provider. Which means Apple would have to either stick with a single carrier, or have multiple models.

    Then finally, you have the convergence factor. I know a lot of people with cell phones. I know a lot of people with PDA's. I know a lot of people with MP3 players.

    I don't know a lot of people who want all three devices wrapped up into one unit.

    An iPod with the ability (but not a requirement) to connect to cellular networks to download content, I can see and think would be a hit.

    Being able to add OPTIONAL, basic phone functions and texting to such a unit for those interested in such a thing, not bad.

    But a full blown 'iPhone'? Big mistake.

    Mar 27, 02:30 AM
    With AT&T's network running SO slow at times, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT INSTALL an update which make me use the server farm for streaming my own media.

    Why is the assumption on this that it will be a requirement to do live real-time streaming? Wouldn't background syncing for volume data make more sense?

    That way the premium for more storage is kept and the network is not saturated with sending the same data over and over.

    Apr 7, 09:33 AM
    Money talks... :apple:

    May 4, 04:37 PM
    Many people have already said in this thread that you can already easily move an app from one machine to another. You just need to log in with your iTunes/App Store account.

    however, nobody has said in this thread how to log in with your iTunes/App Store account on a machine that doesn't have an OS, and I have a feeling I'll need to do that at least once.

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