Thursday, May 19, 2011

geiger alabama tornado

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  • AdeFowler
    Mar 3, 07:00 AM
    In related news:

    BBC News - Android hit by rogue app viruses


    geiger alabama tornado. Tornado survivors#39; stories:
  • Tornado survivors#39; stories:

  • JAT
    Oct 27, 11:56 AM
    Somebody please explain to me what GW Bush has to do with a Greenpeace story out of the London Mac Expo?

    And I don't know UK law, but if they did this in the USA (handing a kid food without parent's permission), they should be arrested. And fired by the company, although there's no company in this case. If somebody does that with one of my kids, they better be prepared to back down fast and apologize, or they will GO down fast. Wouldn't be the first time.

    Let them hand out leaflets wherever they want.

    geiger alabama tornado. Tornado Outbreak Levels Parts of Tuscaloosa Alabama (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (; Man Shows You What Happens When A Tornado Hits Your House (
  • Tornado Outbreak Levels Parts of Tuscaloosa Alabama (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (; Man Shows You What Happens When A Tornado Hits Your House (

  • dwman
    Apr 28, 03:36 PM
    This pretty much sums it up.

    geiger alabama tornado. Alabama Tornadoes 2011
  • Alabama Tornadoes 2011

  • TangoCharlie
    Jul 14, 09:25 AM
    [snip]The new processors, code named Conroe, are the desktop versions of the Core Duo processors which currently reside in Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac computers.[snip]

    Der. No! The Conroe CPU is the desktop version of the the Merom CPU which is not currently used in any Mac.

    The Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme are widely expected to make their Mac debut in Apple's PowerMac computers which are rumored to be released on August 7th 2006 at the World Wide Developers Conference.

    Der. No! The Woodcrest CPU is widely expected to make its debut in Apple's PowerMac replacement computer (widely expected to be called Mac Pro) on
    August 7th 2006 at the World Wide Developers' Conference.

    Intel is expected to start shipping the new processors on July 23rd with an official announcement on July 27th. The Core 2 Duo will have clock speeds of 1.86GHz, 2.13GHz, 2.4GHz and 2.67GHz while the Core 2 Extreme will clock in at 2.93GHz. ALl share a 1066MHz front side bus with between 2-4MB of L2 cache. Pricing for the chips range from $183 to $999 per chip.

    At last, something concrete!

    As mentioned above, a number of benchmarks of the new chips have been released today, with DailyTech providing a roundup ( of many reviews.

    The bench marks show that the Conroe based CPU's are going to smoke the AMD competition. :)

    geiger alabama tornado. Tornado – North Sumter
  • Tornado – North Sumter

  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:54 AM
    Key things said in your statement. First, believe it or not, people do spend a lot of time out, people have lives. I'm not saying you don't necessarily but, not everyone sits at home. When the time comes when its obvious physical media is actually dead, internet connectivity sure will be more reliable at that point. Its hard to say what data charges and such will be like at that point. Also, not everyone has or is able to get unlimited data so quit acting basing your arguments on that people do. Also, I'm assuming you have AT&T. In case you didn't know AT&T is already sending out messages to people with abnormally high data usage...even to people on unlimited plans saying stop it or we will change your plan to one our current higher end plans....i.e. 4GB. So until, cellular data is stable, reliable and the carriers do NOT want to gouge the customer on data....I want my local storage. One more point, physical media is one thing and local storage in terms of what we're discussing is not exactly the same thing. You're talking about CDs, blu rays and such. I'm talking about digital storage of .mp3/.aac/.mp4 and such. Not exactly the same.
    hence why i have unlimited data....when i am on the go i am not limited. do you know how much data it takes to stream something like pandora? not a lot. you are all acting like ur going to be hitting 50gb data usage by streaming something. I don't have abnormally high data usage at all. It's actually less most months than 2gb's but it's not worth it to me to give up unlimited data to save $5/month.

    You still don't get it. Look at where the future is going. Look at the storage on iPads, MBA's etc. There is not a need for massive local storage like there was in the past. Heck i have a 64gb MBA and have over 40gb's free bc nothing is locally stored. I can access everything at anytime from any device. Local storage is not necessary and just makes things more difficult when wanting to get music on multiple devices. Physical media is slowly going away bc it's old technology and there are better ways to do things. Local storage is the same thing man.

    geiger alabama tornado. TORNADO WARNING

  • Mikael
    Sep 9, 10:50 AM
    Thanks :D
    No problem. :)

    the title you just mentioned belongs to the MacPro...sorry for the misunderstanding...:rolleyes:
    What a joke.

    How is Winblows going on your side, Aiden? Many BSODs today?
    Awww... Not this again. Windows doesn't blue screen without reason. If it did BSOD left and right, I would think that any of the three desktops at work should have gotten one in the 30,000 hours they've clocked now... I don't think I've ever seen a BSOD not being caused by bad or incorrectly configured hardware, overclocking or possibly bad drivers. As a matter of fact, the only BSODs I've had since 2002 (when I switched to XP) have been related to overclocked hardware. People need to check their damn hardware before going all ballistic over Microsoft's supposedly unstable operating system.

    I always test the CPU/memory/mobo using Prime95 and Memtest86 right after I build a computer. I've caught some bad memory this way. Moreover, it has enabled me to stay BSOD-less on every machine I've built so far (that's ~15 machines in the past 5 years).

    Mainly I used to leave my tower on 24/7 and the worst I would get is switching my monitor on first thing in the morning or when I got home from work and see it had rebooted itself and was telling me it was an invalid system disc.
    That's almost 100% a hardware malfunction that causes Windows to restart after a serious failure. The default setting in Windows is to restart when it encounters a serious system failure and this can be disabled in the control panel to aid in seeking out the failing hardware. But I guess this is too late to fix now, since it sounds as if you sold the machine.

    geiger alabama tornado. TORNADO WARNING

  • DeathChill
    Apr 30, 11:59 PM
    I was wondering why so many people are so opposed to Apple offering Blu-Ray as a BTO option. I have read where Steve Jobs spoke negatively about Blu-Ray, I wonder if these same people would be all gung-ho for BR if Jobs had spoken positively about it?

    This is true; a lot of people will side with Jobs/Apple without understanding the issue. However, I think that there are valid reasons for the current Blu-Ray issue as I understand it. I think to allow playback of Blu-Ray content, Apple is forced to lock down certain aspects of software (apparently at kernel level?) and it's a hard-sell, I guess.

    Here's a translated article:

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  • localoid
    Apr 22, 02:19 AM
    I really hope this happens but I have a feeling that it will be hobbled in some way. If it runs from an iTunes master copy of songs then it might preclude people uploading music that has been ripped from CDs or bought somewhere else (like Amazon).

    Actually, Amazon gives you 5 gigs of space on your cloud drive for your own MP3s. When/if you buy songs from them, you get additional space for the songs you've purchased.

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  • Vegasman
    Mar 30, 01:23 PM
    Again why cant MS just call is their MobileApp store?

    They don't want to call their store "MobileApp" because they already have a store. It's called "Marketplace".

    They would however like to describe their store that called "Marketplace" by saying that it is a store that sells apps. You know, an app store.

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  • tornadoes howled through

  • pengu
    Sep 17, 11:27 PM
    I never ONCE claimed you dont have GSM carriers. I claimed (and maintain) that CDMA is crap for consumer choice. and what you pay for calls is irrelevant. they dont charge you more/less because of it being CDMA/GSM/analogue/a tin on a string.

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  • Macginger
    Mar 22, 01:44 PM
    As someone looking forward to buying my very first Mac desktop; I must say this is a pretty lame rumour. 'Sandy Bridge'? 'Thunderbolt'? Nothing surprising; everyone here was expecting these two items. I want more specific rumours!:p

    The wait continues...:(

    Don't forget the possibility of better graphics and SSD as standard, now thats gotta be worth a grin :)

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  • direzz
    Aug 28, 04:15 PM
    On time? The other companies just announced, and are not actually shipping. Give apple time, I'm sure they'll be shipping before the others. :-)

    yea, with tons of problems to the machines.

    i love apple, but everytime i buy one of there laptops, they suck!

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  • Alabama Tornadoes

  • relimw
    Sep 14, 10:21 AM
    Yup. I agree. And I bet the new MBPs will ship immediately as well. What would be really cool is if Apple lowered the price of Aperture to $199 or so to make it more affordable to the photo piddlers among us. After all, surely Aperture 2 is going to have massive hardware and GPU requirements (read: QuadCore Mac + 4GB RAM + X1900 video card). That is really where Apple makes it's cash. Just dreaming, of course, because I can't justify a $300 software package when I'm just a dabbler. Lightroom beta has been fun though.
    No MBPs.

    Obviously, you didn't buy Aperture when it first came out, only to find out you were beta testing software for Apple. Now, if I can just figure out what to buy with my $200 store rebate. Maybe update from PS7 to CS2...hmm.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 02:39 AM
    And yet, you sounded almost human when you posted about your grandparents and their cancer. Now we know otherwise.

    Because I actually care about my grandparents. They have done something genuine for me, they have cared for me, they have loved me, etc. Some random idiot woman in a minivan is just another person, why should I care about her? Because she is a human? I think not. I have no personal connection to that woman, I cannot feasibly or easily use her to advance myself, so why should I care what happens to her today, tomorrow, or 20 years from now? Logically, I shouldn't; emotionally and morally I should because she is another person, I think that is nonsensical.


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  • Mississippi and Alabama are a

  • dondark
    Sep 14, 01:49 AM
    I hope iPhone will have a good sync with the Mac. If i am only looking for a pretty cell phone, there are a lot in the japanese market.

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  • How Tornadoes Form

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 19, 11:10 PM
    My only point in this whole discussion is Apple is not all sweet and innocent like so many like to think

    Where did anyone say that?

    And as an aside, The Beatles Let It Be album had a red apple logo in the center instead of the usual green.

    I thought that cover had photos of the Beatles on it?

    And red or green, their logo still looks nothing like the Apple Computer logo.

    geiger alabama tornado. TORNADO WARNING

  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:35 AM
    Ummm, what is so hard to grasp about using stuff when NOT AT HOME???? Why is being at home the focal point for you? Why do you assume that people and myself are only going to listen to music when at home? People do it away from home too. Also, I do use WiFi at home. I still have all my music and such stored locally. I have three running copies for one reason....HDD failure. Now, HDDs are inside the space available inside my PC tower so its like they're not even there. So you're right, this wouldn't be for me. Why should I have to pay AT&T more money just because Apple may potentially shake it all up. Nah way.

    people are complaining about data much time do you spend at home vs. on the go? i have unlimited so doesn't matter to me. I also, don't own cd's/dvds/blu rays and don't even own a dvd player. physical media is slowing dying. I've been waiting for something like this forever. For someone like you, you are eventually going to have to adopt or live in old age technology.

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  • and Trees in Alabama

  • cdallen
    Mar 29, 11:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.80 (S60; SymbOS; Opera Mobi/SYB-1103211396; U; en-US) Presto/2.7.81 Version/11.00)

    I can belief this. Nokia is a strong brand and will definitely have a large impact on WP7 marketshare. The phone market does'nt revolve around the States.

    Completely agree... Cost is a huge factor that will really come in to play here.

    Nokia and Windows... They will revive each other!

    geiger alabama tornado. Bad: Alabama Tornadoes Are
  • Bad: Alabama Tornadoes Are

    Sep 19, 02:31 PM
    wow! impressive.

    I guess people value convenience over quality. That's great for Apple. That confirms it will be a success.
    For me I rather buy DVDs or wait for hi definition downloads, but I guess many people out there are satisfy with lower quality.
    Can't wait for ITV tough.

    Neither -- My download on my 4MB cable connection (real speed) took about 50 minutes AND the quality was outstanding on my 30" cinema display -- looked the same as DVD to me. No defects, no artifacts. Crisp Color.

    I will order again. Way nicer than storing DVD's.

    Analog Kid
    Sep 16, 05:09 AM
    GPS, whay arent you accurate? Oh right, security issues....
    This is off topic, and maybe I'm misunderstanding to boot... Are you saying GPS isn't accurate? It's been running at full accuracy for years now-- you can get to a couple feet with WAAS, better than a centimeter using differential techniques. The principle limitation on accuracy is atmospheric effects, not security concerns.

    Sep 4, 06:28 AM
    Well, I just hope we get new Mini's this week and the iMac/iPod stuff on the 12th. :)

    Sep 13, 09:01 PM
    I assume the screen would be a touch screen. I would hate to start dialing numbers using the click wheel.

    Sep 12, 02:27 PM
    I feel vindicated in my 60GB 5G purchase a few months back, particularly since I got it on sale. If I can upgrade the software, I'm all chuckles. Besides, I've almost never found the screen brightness an issue.

    I do wish I could ultra-boost the audio on-board. Some of the video digitizations I have are too quiet.
    I am with you 100%. I am very happy with the updates and love the green nano! I was going to buy a nano so I can get the nike package, but I was only going to get the 1gb for $149. Now I'd get the 2gb for $149 but they don't offer colors so now I'm going to get the 4gb...completely uncessary for me and what I want it for (jogging and gym) but I want green!

    Apr 22, 08:44 PM
    C'mon Apple give us some new machines to actually talk about - like SB mini; like SB imac; like SB air.

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