Thursday, May 19, 2011

east asia map quiz

east asia map quiz. east and southeast asia map
  • east and southeast asia map

  • DRewPi
    Sep 3, 05:57 AM
    Is Apple goin to pull out several tuesday upgrades like the 5th, the 12th, and so on .... ???? that should be very nice for us .... !!! macusers :D :cool: ;)

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  • Russell L
    Apr 25, 05:51 PM
    I've lusted after the Unibody design ever since it came out just after I got my early 2008 MBP, and I finally caved in this year and got a 17" 2011 MBP. Seemed like the right time. I'm glad I now have what might be the last of the Unibody designs!

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  • gauriemma
    Aug 28, 09:53 PM
    This was one of the things I was afraid would happen with the Intel switch--a new processor every eight minutes. At least with the PPCs, there were predictable, manageable gaps between bumps.

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  • milo
    Sep 19, 05:23 PM
    But my point is that Steve talked about 30-minute downloads as if to say that this is what your average user can expect.

    Absolutely not. He said 30 minutes on a fast connection, pointing out SPECIFICALLY what speed connection is needed for that. If you interpreted it as "average users" will get that speed, you just weren't listening.

    If I want to take my iBook on the road with me, then how are the other people in my house going to access the Movies and other media via iTV if it's stored on my iBook or some "external HD" which requires a host computer to be of any use.

    How do they check their email when you take the notebook on the road?

    I think the major problem with external hardrives, is that iTunes will organises all your content into the Music folder. I just bought a 300GB drive and would love to place all my movies in their, but at the same time I want my music on my Mac (not the external). Apple really needs to address the storage features in iTunes, as movies are large files.

    iTunes places content into that folder when you download or rip. But you can put content anywhere, just drag it into iTunes from the new location. I'd like to see them support multiple folders in the future, but you can certainly use content without having it in the folder already.

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  • Roy Hobbs
    Oct 27, 09:34 AM
    Steve Jobs is a hippie.

    In my opinion you can't have true hippie values and be a CEO of a major cooperation.

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  • east asia map quiz.

  • munkery
    Apr 12, 07:15 PM
    Can anybody running Leopard confirm what users/groups have write privileges to Safari, Mail, & etc.

    Just want to clarify if the permissions on that Leopard system have been modified?

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  • east asia map quiz. asia map quizzes; asia map quizzes. skunk. Feb 28, 07:12 PM

  • levitynyc
    Sep 9, 11:53 AM
    I'm not a gaming expert, but from what I've read, 512MB is no faster than 256MB for most current gaming applications, it's the throughput of the GPU that counts. Do any gamers out there want to comment on this?

    I don't think that you could run Oblivion particularly well with only 256MB of Video Memory. Maybe you could, but you couldn't nearly max of the Graphics or else you would suffer some frame rate issues.

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  • east asia map quiz. east asia

  • jmille44
    Apr 22, 07:36 PM
    I have an original mac portable sitting next to my 11". Laptop design has only downsized from this original beast and gotten faster.

    I am not impressed yet. Incremental updates, nothing major or breakthrough.
    That's just how it will always be. I'll hold onto this 11" for 8 years and guess what. It's replacement will be just an 11" roll out touch screen computer.
    That is where this is going in 8 years and I am still not impressed.

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  • East Asia Interactive Map Quiz

  • wchong
    Oct 27, 08:17 AM
    lol OWNED!

    east asia map quiz. east asia map quiz. east asia
  • east asia map quiz. east asia

  • Multimedia
    Sep 9, 12:21 PM
    Looks like MacCentral forgot to mention the fact that no matter how few cores an application can use - even if it's only ONE, the fact that more can be run at full speed SIMULTANEOUSLY is the whole reason for wanting-having-needing more cores - not wiether or not what you normally run can use 2, 3 or even all 4 cores at this time. OS X automatically delegates work to however many cores are vacant or underused so the user gets immediate benefit from 4 cores they will never get from 2. And I am 100% certain that tthe benefit is radically more than 20-30%.

    It's an old think I always do only one thing at a time mentality that overlooks this otherwise obvious reason - a new way of working and a new way of thinking about how to do work - for going with more cores if you can afford it.

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  • east asia map quiz. east asia

  • QCassidy352
    Oct 12, 01:26 PM
    It's certainly better than an red, glossy 1G nano - hopefully it would have the proper matte, anodised finish of the current nanos rather than the glossy coating ColorWarePC use to do their custom iPods.

    Not too bad though...

    that looks pretty good, actually. I'm not sure it's better than the ones they already have, but it's another nice choice.

    east asia map quiz. east asia map quiz. east asia
  • east asia map quiz. east asia

  • Digitalclips
    Apr 30, 01:59 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Pointless? If you are about to upgrade soon anyway ... and we all know TB peripherals are coming soon ... why on earth would you want an iMac without TB? Even if you had to wait a few months for an external drive with TB surely that's far better than buying an iMac a few weeks too early without it and not having the ability till your next update which may be 3 years away. Plus remember, a lot of people use these machines for their digital business and TB will be an awesome, must have for HD Video etc. over the next few years.

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  • southeast asia map quiz. east

  • Daveway
    Sep 6, 03:49 PM
    Ship times on the Airport Extreme have been pushed back 1-3 weeks. Anyone else notice?

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  • east asia map quiz.

  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 12:41 PM
    Yup, I know Apple's marketing loves to be ridiculous. :p 95% of customers* wouldn't notice the difference. I'm one of the 5% who will notice it but its not like I'm buying one, my iMac G5 will keep me happy for another 2+ years.

    *75% of statistics are made up on the spot ;)Yeah, considering we get so many posts about "Will this RAM work?". It seems like the populous is clueless about DDR/DDR2 and FSB.

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 10, 05:03 AM
    There's going to be a problem when PC manufacturers get a hold of this if Apple doesn't realease a mid-tower to compete. Conroes are faster than the Meroms in the iMac as it is, but with quad cores they'll wipe the floor with them at multi-tasking.

    Surely Conroe needs to go somewhere in Apple's lineup? Great value, fast and soon to be quad-core.

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  • southeast asia map quiz. east

  • chuckles1337
    Sep 14, 01:19 AM
    "One reliable source has provided a more detailed description of one of the prototypes for the upcoming Apple Phone. The description has yielded this artist's rendition of the phone. (Click image for larger view). The phone offers a familiar look to iPod owners, with the preservation of the iPod click-wheel.

    The click-wheel is closer to the bottom of the device with the screen taking a vertical orientation. The click-wheel portion of the device reportedly slides down to reveal a traditional numeric dial-pad underneath. The front is black, while the back is chrome like the current iPod."

    Basically someone said "it will look like nano but with a bigger screen, and the scroll wheel slides down for the keyboard," then macrumors had some one do a mock up of it. (A poor one at that, shouldn't there be a discernable gap between the part that slides down, and the part that doesn�t)

    Is it just me or does the scroll wheel sliding down seem backwards? The revealed keypad would be recessed and in the middle of the phone, sounds awkward, and unattractive. Also would we not consistently hit buttons/scrolling on the scroll wheel while dialing a number?

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  • southeast asia map quiz. east

  • 1984
    Oct 12, 09:38 PM

    I haven't been to an Apple Store in ages so forgive me for asking but what kind of dock is that in the lower right? I'm sure it is a display designed only for the stores but is it actually a working dock as well?

    east asia map quiz. east and southeast asia map
  • east and southeast asia map

  • Ugg
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    I don't know if i can. Give me some time. But doesn't it make sense that if u stop using something that killed disease spreading insects that the insects will continue to spread the disease?

    What if the DDT destroys frogs and kills birds? They are two of the mosquitoes biggest enemies. That will obviously only make the problem worse, won't it?

    Malaria is a big killer but mosquito nets can make an enormous difference as well as education about what causes malaria.

    Reaching for a can of toxic chemicals isn't always the best solution. If we don't approach a problem holistically, all we do is create more problems down the road.

    Do you know what PCBs are? Did you know that small Aleutian Islands qualify for EPA cleanup ( though no PCBs have ever been on the island?

    Higher levels of PCBs were found in otters taken from Adak than from otters taken off the coast of California, the scientists said. Their findings were reported in a study published last month in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.

    Enough DDT was found in egg samples from eagles on Kiska Island to indicate the pesticide may be harming the bird's ability to reproduce in one of the nation's most remote areas, scientists said.

    east asia map quiz. southeast and east asia map
  • southeast and east asia map

  • dolph0291
    Mar 30, 01:11 PM
    Interesting. Microsoft calls these files "Programs" and always has. Nothing called an application exists in Windows, it only has programs. Seems maybe MS is a little late to this game, and they're gonna piss all over it for everyone else.

    Sep 12, 02:46 PM
    I'm in the same boat, just bought mah-jong for my video ipod and it won't drag in. and itunes says my software is "up to date":mad:
    i was able to get it by just restoring it through the ipod details in itunes im now qurently updating my ipod to 1.2

    Apr 19, 07:48 PM
    This is just another pissing contest to result in a settlement and some bizarre technology sharing or nothing in particular.

    It's posturing.

    Sep 19, 02:58 PM
    This is precisely why other companies' attempts to "bring the PC into the living room" have failed (and will continue to do so). Think of the logistics of this (if you will) from an interior design perspective. Are you going to put your media center PC on a TV stand in your living room across from the couch to watch movies/TV? Are you also going to have a desk chair sitting right in front of it for those times you'd like more PC than TV? People (families) do not use computers in their living room and they do not watch movies/TV sitting at a desk.

    This is why iTV is brilliant. Living rooms are for content, not computing. Content is the only aspect of your computer that is necessary in the living room, and it is all iTV delivers.

    For the average user, I completely agree. Even if you have something like a Mac mini, something that can still look nice next to your home theatre components, you still need an HDTV to be able to use it as a computer. Before Apple jacked the price up $100 on the mini when they switched to Intel, I was going to buy one strictly for the use of Front Row. That would be a rather expensive media streaming box. ;) The iTV is perfect for me, and I think it will be for a lot of other folks as well.

    Mar 23, 06:31 PM
    Gotta keep the revenue flowing ya know..

    De facto U.S. Senators asked Apple? Who are the servants in this scenario? Who is the injured party? Punishing one for the irresponsibility of another, tis the American way.


    Participate in lawful governments like the NCAR ( (

    Mar 30, 01:28 PM

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