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Break a leg! Haley Reinhart takes a tumble in American Idol semi-final


Ooops: Haley Reinhart takes a spill on the stage as she performs her first song of the night on last night's American Idol

In a week where perfection is expected on American Idol, Haley Reinhart will be wishing she kept her feet on the ground.

The contestant, who made it into the final three, had an unfortunate slip-up halfway through her first performance of the evening as she tripped on the stairs on stage.

The accident made her falter on her lyrics briefly - but showing she was the consummate professional she recovered in a split second and continued with her song.

Ouch: Haley rubs her knee as she continues her song

The show opened with a montage of clips from the three contestants homecoming visits.

All three got to head home for a brief trip back to their home towns, which they have been away from since the live shows began two months ago in Los Angeles.

The reception that Haley, Scotty and Lauren received was overwhelming with the clips showing hordes of people lining the streets as the contestants go paraded like superstars through their hometowns.

The show's host Ryan Seacrest then introduced this week's superstar mentor - Grammy award winning artist Beyonce.

Crooner: Scotty was consistently good in all three of his performances and the judges said he 'is in it to win it'

'I think all three of the contestants are unbelievable and there is something very unique about each of them, Beyonce said of the three finalists.

' I think America is going to have a tough decision.'

After a glowing review from Beyonce, Scotty McCreedy kicked of the first of his three performances with a powerful rendition of Lonestar's 'Amazed.'

'I think you just keep getting better and better,' Steven told him, copying the song's lyrics in his commentary.

'I'm sure there are a million girls out there wishing you were singing that song to them,' Jennifer told him.

Belting it out: Lauren, who is only 16-years-old sang a selection of songs that highlighted her powerful voice

This was followed by Lauren singing She's A Wild One, which she told Beyonce she chose because she used to sing it with her best friend as a child.

The 16-year-old belted the song out and appeared to be enjoying the moment with Jennifer telling her she 'attacked it.'

'I could tell you were loving it and had a connection with it,' Randy told her.

Haley chose a risky song for her first song in Led Zepplin's What Is And What Should Never Be.

Mentor: The superstar helper this week was Beyonce who talked each performer through their first song choice

Inspiration: Beyonce said that America is going to have a tough choice because all three contestants are 'unbelievable'

She was joined on stage by her father playing the electric guitar, the first time a parent has even joined a contestant on stage in the history of Idol.

Despite her minor stumble halfway through the song, the judges loved her performance.

'This was one of your best performances EVER!' shouted Randy. 'This girl is in it to win it!'

The other judges echoed his sentiment, both agreeing that she nailed the song even though she took a risk with it.

After the first round of songs, both Jennifer and Randy picked her as the best performer so far.

Smooth: Scotty was chosen a Kenny Rogers song which got the audience on their feet

Helping hand: Lauren got some bronzer applied to her legs last minute after a wardrobe malfunction that ripped her tights

Round two was songs picked by Jimmy Iovine and back on the stage was Scotty singing Thompson Square's Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not.

The 16-year-old crooner played the acoustic guitar whilst singing and managed to get the audience on their feet.

'Real character showing through,' Randy told him.

Jennifer loved the performance but became very embarrassed after asking him if he could shave his head for the finale.

'Didn't everyone else like him with that shaved head and those rosy cheeks,' she gushed.

Tennessee native Lauren had the second slip up of the night but this one was a wardrobe malfunction.

Heart-warming: Lauren said she chose her first song because it reminded her of her best friend a home

She accidentally snagged her tights on the way to the stage and required a quick make-up touch up with bronzer to her legs.

For Lauren's second song Jimmy Iovine chose If I Die Young by The Band Perry.

The performance was moving but she forget a key change towards the end of the song, however, as Haley did earlier in the night, she recovered quickly and her mistake was barely noticeable.

'You have the most beautiful tone to your voice,' Jennifer tells the 16-year-old singer.

'You nailed it again,' Steven cheered.

For Haley's second song she took on Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, a difficult choice of song irrespective of the singer.

The slowed down version showed off Haley's raspy voice and the addition of a wind machine upped the eerie effect of the performance.

Cheers: All three of the judges had glowing reviews for the contestants three performances

Randy said her pitch was 'perfect' and she did 'a good job' but the other comments were fairly underwhelming.

'It was a nice way to slow it down after your last performance,' Steven told her with Jennifer admiting, 'I thought you were going to take it further at the end.'

Steven thought that Lauren won that round but neither of the others agreed with him.
'Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty,' said both Jennifer and Randy.

The show then had a brief intermission while they aired the world première Beyonce's new music video for Run The World.

All three contestants nailed their round three performances.

The judges picked the Kenny Rogers classic She Believes In Me for Scotty, Lee Ann Womack's I Hope You Dance for Lauren and Alanis Morrissette's You Outta Know for Haley.

Lauren came out on top with both Jennifer and Randy choosing her as the winner of the round, meaning each contestant, appropriately, each won a round.

Tomorrow the public vote will determine which two contestants go through to the live finale next week

source: dailymail

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