Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the ivy-style influence


A influência do estilo Ivy League americano está definitivamente instalada na moda ... não só na label "rugby" da Ralph Lauren ou na versão desportiva da "Hackett" mas em muitos ambientes de qualidade vejam por exemplo esta série de imagens no 'post' acima ...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Este senhor aqui representado, Anthony Blunt, parente da Rainha Mãe, formado pela Universidade de Cambridge, e membro de uma elite secreta activa à volta dos míticos Trinity e King's Colleges chamados os "Apostles", foi além de conceituado Historiador de Arte, com obra publicada, alto membro do Courtauld Institute e finalmente Curator of the Royal Paintings Collection in Bunckingham Palace, espião durante a guerra e até aos anos cinquenta ao serviçp da União Soviética!
Ele pertencia a um famoso grupo de quatro espiões que se conheceram nos anos 3o como estudantes em Cambridge :Kim Philby,McLean, Guy Burgess e Anthony Blunt. A "Box" ilustrada acima representa uma série de grande qualidade sobre estas personagens produzida pela B.B.C.
Entretanto as memórias de Blunt foram tornadas públicas ...
Ver ainda: ou ainda
Ainda de outra produção A Question of Attribution onde Blunt é representado por James Fox:

Surreal Mannequins

Thought this shoot from Elle Italia had some pertinent themes worth posting; Salvador Dali style surrealism (distorted/confused reality is a major part of mind control; Dali's stuff is pure MK, he was buddies with Walt Disney, see linked posts) is the main concept of the set photographed by fashion luminary Karl Lagerfeld. Standard fashion mind control themes feature with the models made to look mannequins, lots of one eye emphasis, masks, purple, some ritual poses, even a bird cage over the model's head.

The model (above wearing a bird cage over her head) is Iekeliene Stange from Holland (like Mulder), a few extra images of her below.

You may remember Karl Lagerfeld presented Britney with her 'Bambi' award a while ago, with Britney in her Worshipful Master's top hat (received from Madonna in the VMA ritual a few years back).

The male model in the MK themed shoot was Baptiste Giabiconi, here's another shot by Karl below with Baptiste in the symbolic top hat.

By the way that model wearing the yellow Monarch butterfly accessory thing on her eye (has featured a couple of times in the blog worn by Beyonce and I think another) is Lara Stone (also Dutch), who I posted in an Ocelot (Dali owned a Ocelot) kitten photoshoot (image from the post below).

I'd like to add another symbolic shoot I've been meaning to post for a while before it gets lost on my cluttered hard drive. It's by photographer Sofia Sanchez (& Mauro Mongiello), the main model in it being Ksenia Maximova accompanied by other masked models standing around looking tranced inside an Eyes Wide Shut style mansion complete with a duality symbolic checkerboard floor (+ a black/white triangle bit and such).

Faceless model above (covering her face), some Illuminist symbolism below with Ksenia covering one eye (to go along with the checkerboards, black/white triangles above and such).

Quickly to finish, this photo shoot by Sofia Sanches & Mauro Mongiello is damn scary and obvious in it's message with the mind control theme of ventriloquist dummies. Called 'Mommie Dearest', based partly on the film's themes. Note all the toy animals (dehumanization), the big clown head (fake/programmed smile/expression; Joker/performing clowns; works into the double bind in programming also) and the little girl (implying childhood trauma/dehumanization... turning the child into a ventriloquist dummy).

Note the girl's doll-like expression, I don't see how you can fake those eyes. Below she is cutting up the inside of the teddy bear, one common method of traumatization (as the kid would obviously be very emotionally attached to it, and may or may not be programmed to think it's a live animal with a personality) and generally symbolizing childhood trauma.

Siri Tollerod is the model in the ventriloquist shoot, which allows me to put out another set called 'The Vagaries of Fashion' I've had for a while featuring her among feral cats, eating cat food and other kitten dehumanization suggestive scenes.

Note the mask, she herself is portrayed to be eating cat food like the rest of the cats (Edit: to the first nitpicking commenter, it's not literally showing her putting the cat food in her mouth but obviously the suggestion is there with her holding the cat food amongst all the cats outside, and wearing a mask also symbolizes she is is in an alter [kitten] state); the pink highlights in her hair are more kitten suggestive (pink wig/hair usually is used to signify a sex-kitten I've shown many times).

I realize not everyone likes these kind of posts but I had the images so wanted to put it out anyway to help get the momentum of the blog back up. Shakira post should be up in a day or two, Vigilant Citizen (+ some other good blogs I've seen) has done great stuff on the VMAs and such btw so I may not get round to doing something on it. Here's a few more symbolic images of Siri to finish.